Best application to watch free encrypted sports channels (not found in Google Play)

Among the advantages of smart phones is the availability of millions of different applications, whether paid or free, and of course Android is one of the systems that are available on millions of applications and games both in the official store Google Play or outside ..

The good thing about Android is that it allows you to install applications from external sources other than Google Play, and this important feature enables you as a user to use applications or games not found on the Google Play store. Among the applications not found in this store are the applications watching encrypted channels which are Deleted or not accepted on the App Store and is therefore posted on external sites.

Today I present to you my dear follower a special application to watch the sports channels encrypted on a phone of more than the quality, and the application called "wss" As mentioned above is not found in the official android store, but you can download it from its official site (link below the post)

How to use the application?

The application is very easy to install after you install it on your device and you will find the main interface, which enables you to choose the preferred player, after clicking it choose the channel to be seen as in the following images:

After selecting the channel, you will see another page with multiple links and you must choose the link according to the quality of the broadcast you want to watch the channel or by your internet stream to avoid interrupting the broadcast

Application Link

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