ASUS Fonepad (ME371MG) hardware reset

ASUS Fonepad,  (ME371MG),  hardware reset,
a. Make sure the device is turned off, and there is more than 10% of battery life available.Press the combination keys of [Power key + Volume up Key+ Volume down Key] for 3~5 seconds.

b. Release when you see the following No USB cable connected. (Pic 1) [now can stop press Power key + Volume up Key+ Volume down Key]>> Press and hold [Volume up Key+ Volume down Key] once again to enter Update Mode.
ASUS Fonepad,  (ME371MG),  hardware reset,

c. Using [ Volume Down] to select option [Factory Reset] from the menu >>press and hold
[Power key] once again>> the device will reboot itself and begin factory reset process.

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