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Yahoo Mail started more than 20 years ago (in March 1995 to be exact), making it one of the longest email services on the internet. One of the best things is that Yahoo Mail is a free service. It also offers many other services, including:
  • Online backup emails
  • Unlimited storage of old messages
  • Yahoo chat is built in
  • Automatic Norton virus scan all your emails before reading
  • A calendar that can send event reminders via email
  • Note-taking options by Yahoo Notepad
  • Possibility to change the appearance of your text
  • Applications for iOS and Android
  • E-mail capacity classification (for organizational purposes, of course)
The disadvantages of using Yahoo Mail are:
  • Email download to your desktop is not an option (unless you want to pay a fee).
  • Yahoo offers lots of good options, but they also offer tons of ads.

Creating a Yahoo Mail Account

Since the benefits are generally greater than the disadvantages of Yahoo Mail, it is certainly a valid email option for users. If you need help creating a Yahoo mail account, just follow the steps below.
  1. Go to, And click on the "Login" link in the upper right corner. Then click "Subscribe" in the lower right corner. You can also go to to register.
  2. yahoo mail
  3. The next step will take some time. You must fill out all your information. Be sure to fill in completely and accurately so you do not have to come back and do it later. You will need to enter your basic information such as first and last name, phone number, date of birth and gender. (You can also enter an alternate phone number that will be the number of a friend, colleague, or family member you trust.
  4. After completing all the basic information you need to choose a username and password. Usernames should be something easy to remember, but it is also something that you are willing to share with friends and family, as this will be your email address. If the username you chose has already been selected by another member, a box will appear asking you to choose something else. Once you have selected your username, you can choose a password. Please note that passwords must be at least six characters long and case sensitive. Your key has to be quite difficult for others to guess, but it is fairly easy to remember. If Yahoo thinks your password is too weak, you will be told to add a few letters or numbers.
  5. Before clicking the "continue" button, it is very important for you to read and accept the first and confidential terms of Yahoo. This will give you an idea of ​​what to expect from the Yahoo service and Yahoo expects from you.
  6. When you click on Yahoo's terms and privacy, another window will automatically open. When you are finished, simply click on the original tab and click the "Continue" button.
  7. At this stage of the account setup process, Yahoo must verify that you are human and not a robot. There are two ways to do this: either by check or text image code. You can use one or the other, or use both. Just follow the instructions on the page that appears:
  1. Before you click on the “continue” button, it is very important for you to read and agree to the Yahoo terms and privacy first. Doing this will give you an idea of what to expect from the Yahoo service and what Yahoo expects from you.
  1. When you click on Yahoo terms and privacy, this will automatically open up another window. When you are done, simply click back on the original tab and then click the “continue” button.
  1. At this stage in the account setup process, Yahoo must verify that you are a human being and not a bot. There are two ways that they do this: either by text verification or captcha code. They may use one or the other or they may use both. Just simply follow the instructions on the page that pops up:
  • You may need to click on a button that says, “send text message”. If you do not have a text messaging service, you do have the option to have Yahoo call you. Just click the button that says “Yahoo can call you with the code.” Once you receive your code via your phone, simply type it in the box and hit “verify”.
  • You may also be required to enter a random sequence of numbers or letters. If so, simply type them into the box and click “submit code”.
  1. Once you have completed the verification process, you will automatically be signed into Yahoo and brought to their main news page. At this time, you will be able to access any Yahoo services.

Creating an account through the Yahoo Mail mobile app

  1. There are advantages that are defined using the Yahoo Mail mobile application. The application actually allows to integrate multiple accounts by accessing a single application. In other words, you can access your emails from Outlook, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail or any other account you have. It will also handle information from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. He is going to take photos and contact information of these social media networks for any of the people in his email contact list.
  2. The application also promises to remove passwords. Basically, when you sign in to your account, select a button that will send you a notification on your phone. When the button is pressed and open the application, Yahoo will ask if you want to connect. When you say "yes", your account will be automatically opened in the browser, which are on your mobile phone or on your desktop.The first thing you need to create an account through the Yahoo mobile application is to find it on your phone. Some phones have integrated the application; If your phone does not work, simply look for the Google Play store. Once you have located the application, simply click on it.
  3. Once you open the application, you need to click "register" at the bottom of the page.
  4. The application will ask for the same information as the desired desktop version. Just enter your personal information (name, date of birth, sex and cell phone number).
  5. The next step is to create a username and password. Again, remember to create a username that is unique and easy to remember. Also keep in mind that this is something that you want to be comfortable to share with the people in your life. After creating a username, you will find a password. Please make sure your password is quite difficult, it may not be easy to guess, but also fairly easy to remember.
  6. Go ahead and click the link below for privacy and Yahoo at the bottom of the page. Before you sign anything, it is important that you know what you are registering. Please read carefully. After reading this, you can go back to the original tab.
Setting up your Yahoo Mail account
  1. Once your Yahoo mail account is created, you will be automatically directed to your inbox. The first thing I want to do is go to "Settings". To do this, click on the gear button in the upper right corner, click on "Settings". All options are in the left panel of the input tray / screen.
  2. Now that you have entered the configuration options you will want to click on "E-mail screen." The following options:
    • "Enable conversations" will allow you to view entire conversations in a single message.
    • "Show Extracts" will display a brief description of your messages.
    • "Here" shows all messages that are open in individual tabs.
    • "Recent" screen only the last message was read.
    • It will be located on the screen.
    • "Density Message List" gives you the opportunity to choose how messages are displayed in your files, whether filled or relaxed.
    • "Read flags" will allow you to select the time before Yahoo mail that mark a particular message as read.
    • "Message Management" determines that Yahoo displays directly after moving a message.
    • Yahoo offers two different "e-mail" versions: full-featured and basic. Obviously, the full version offers more options than the base.
      1. The next thing you need to do is choose your options for writing emails. To do this, you must click on the "write email" in the left pane. The values are shown
      the right. Some of the options for writing emails are as follows:...
        • "Automatically add new recipients to contacts" simply means that if you want to add new email addresses to your contact list, check the box.
        • "Automatically generate an overview of links" allows you to preview the content links directly in your message.
        • There are drop-down lists for the font size and font. An overview of all the options you choose in relation to the police is shown in the table below.
        • The other thing you can do is create a default signature for all outgoing messages. To do this, use the text box below.
          1. Be sure to click the "Save" button in the lower left. Once this is done, you automatically exit the settings and return to your inbox. You are now officially and completely ready to use Yahoo Mail.

          Other tips for using Yahoo Mail

          Now that you have set up your Yahoo Mail account and are basically ready to use it, here are some additional tips to keep in mind:
            • If you use the desktop version (not mobile), the password is recoverable. Just click on the "Need help?" On the login page and click "I do not remember my password". Then follow the instructions on the screen.
            • Emails that have been deleted can be accessed. All you have to do is go to the Trash folder in the left pane, click on the message you want to "recover". Click "Move" in the toolbar at the top of your inbox tools and select "Inbox." You can also simply drag the email into the directory of your choice.
            • Of course, if you need help, you can always contact Yahoo Mail Compatibility. The way to do this is by visiting the Yahoo Help section. Mouse on the gear in the upper right corner, then select "Help." Just follow the instructions on the screen.
              At this point, you need to be fully equipped to create your Yahoo mail account, either on the desktop or by mobile device on your phone. However, there may be some problems during the installation that is not covered in this article. If this is the case, you can contact Yahoo's customer service (you can visit with them at or simply enter your query into your favorite search engine. You are likely to easily find the answers you need. Have fun exploring your new Yahoo! Mail account 

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